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1) Musical Path

I started playing piano at the age of 9 (2002). I gave up playing after three years of lessons. I restarted playing at the age of 17 (2010), this time as a self-taught. I gave up playing after... no, wait a moment, since then I have never stopped again! :)

- EXTENDED VERSION --->for true fans :P<---
As it can be presumed from the very short but effective summary of my musical history, I never loved practicing with scales / arpeggios / various exercises, or better, for the first two years I didn't dislike, then I started to lose the will and with it the interest in playing piano.
One day, however, I had the chance to play again. From that moment the flame of passion has rekindled, stronger than ever. So I decided to buy a decent piano because until then I had used a 61 dinamic-not-weighted keys keyboard (I do not want to complain, it accompanied me faithfully for many years and I composed my first pieces on it).
From that moment the piano only meant one thing for me: playing! No exercises. Playing for playing's sake. Over time I discovered the pleasure of arranging, composing and above all improvising.
However something was still missing in order to fully enjoy the musical experience: sharing of the achieved results. So in September 2011 I decided to create an account on YouTube.
Since then I recorded music of different kinds for a total of more than 100 videos, I composed more than 50 originals and produced 4 music albums, 2 singles, 3 sheet music books and 2 about music theory.
The adventure goes on...

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2) Equipment and Recording process

At present, I play on a Casio PX-160 piano and record through the software Ableton (using Mini Grand plug-in).

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3) Useful sheet music websites

A good pianist always know how to find any music score he desires. I was one of them until I changed my computer, losing the list of favorite sites. Anyway, I will try to suggest you some of the most useful sites I have come across.

- IMSLP: No doubt you already know it. Every existing classic score can be downloaded from this site. Original/orchestral/transcription versions.
- MutopiaProject: Similar to IMSLP.
- PianoStreet: It offers some interesting features, but requires a monthly subscription. Just go and take a look.

- JoshAgarrado: Probably the major source of the Anime field.

- You can find them everywhere, the only tip I would like to give you is to not buy this kind of sheets, as the quality is often low (simplified versions) unlike prices. In my humble opinion, if you can't find the sheet music it is better to look for chords, which can be found easily, and do on your own searching notes by ear. This also allows you to grow musically.

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4) "I would like the PDF/Mp3 of a cover you played on YouTube"

When working at a cover, I proceed in two main ways:
- writing the score gradually (method I especially used at the beginning);
- creating the overall structure of the piece, but leaving much room to improvisation.

If the cover has been arranged according to the first approach, the sheet music is on the website already or soon will be. If I improvised, the score will never be present. That is to say: don't ask for sheets. If it exists, it is here.

Otherwise, if you are interested in the Mp3 of a piece I played on YouTube and which is not on the website, please feel free to contact me through this section. I will upload it to the specific area of the site as soon as possible.

5) "Play this one"

If you have requests, tips, ideas about the next music to play write me freely through the Contacts section.

6) "How can I support you?"

If you like what I do, you can purchase my compositions through the Originals section.

I try my best to offer the highest quality products and I am not going to ask for donations via an easy PayPal button.
I am aware that the quality of my musical products can still be improved, but keep in mind that until now I have always carried out each step of the process by myself, without receiving any training and without having access to professional equipment or software.

What I earn from music will be used for music, therefore all your help will be fully exploited to increase the quality of the upcoming projects.
However I thank you, both in case you will help me financially to carry on with this adventure and in case you won't, simply because you came reading this FAQ, which is absolutely not obvious: it means that you're a fan bigger than those who have read the "Extended Version" of my musical history!

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7) Other

If you would like to know some information that I haven't included in the previous FAQ, please send me your questions using the form present in the Contacts section.

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