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"Burgmüller: 25 Études faciles et progressives, Op. 100" (2022)

"Les étrennes de Noël" (2021) continues the tradition of Christmas music that was concluded by the single Natale (the plot becomes more and more complex), this time in a childish mood.

"Sketches" (2021) approaches the spirit of impromptu creation that characterized Puns, even if this time it's not pure improvisation. The pieces are mostly written quickly and without making major changes to what is improvised, but there are also "built" parts. This is probably the funniest of the albums I released. Varied, dense, concise. Five pieces, five different genres, a dozen instruments, 17 minutes.

"Schumann: 7 Klavierstücke in Fughettenform, Op. 126" (2020)

"Nocturnes" (2019) is a fantastic exploration through the genre of nocturnes, the world of intimacy and introspection. Photo by Renato Giorda.

"Dwindle" (2018) is my contribute to the great tradition of single-handed music for piano. The first piece is for left hand solo, while the second one is for right hand solo. Graphic by Luca Ferrero.


"Natale" (2017) is the single that unites my arrangements for "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and "Jingle Bells", respectively from 2014 and 2015, and which decrees the end of the tradition of recording Christmas music every year, carried on from 2011.

"The Wanderer" (2017) describes a journey of inner research and it's structured in 9 tracks. Photo by Matteo Peca.

Sheet music:

"Seasons" (2017) is the first album entirely produced by myself (artwork included). The tracks are slightly revised versions of the ones contained in "Rising", in regard to the arrangements. The big difference stays in the audio quality, which can be defined professional for the first time.

Sheet music:

"Rising" (2015) is an album made of 18 compositions, the biggest and most ambitious project I realized until now. It contains a selection of pieces from those I composed during the past 5 years, thus it represents the roots and the origins of my music. That's the reason for the title. The wonderful artwork, realized by my friend Edoardo Spolittu, is the means which conveys the leading theme of the work: music as consolation. Tracks from number 8 to 13 are linked, as they form a love story and tell different moments of it, while numbers 3-6-9-12 are my "four seasons".
Sheet music:

"Puns" (2015) is an album made of 9 improvisations on piano. I once read that improvisation is one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences which can be made in someone's life. I totally agree with it! It's my first album: there are nine pieces, each one containing the number in its title (hence album title), made exception for the ninth, which still refers to a symbolical meaning associated to number 9.

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